The top B2B search engine has catalogued over 100 million companies. Optimizing business results and offering SEO services may serve its success in the data sales market.

Simple Brand Search Works for

Masterseek has a viable search engine model with B2B their specialty, a rare entry in the billion dollar market for data sales. The site has over 100 million companies in its database, with thousands added every week. Searching on Masterseek is free, and the results are optimized to be more useful for business-related queries - non-specific results give entries without sponsored results, and unique results bring up the profile page with logo, contact information and description. The profile page offers more information, including related news and tweets, which has proved useful for a small amount of consumer traffic as well.

Masterseek was designed to be intuitive, customizable and relevant

According to their own statistics, Masterseek is the largest and fastest growing B2B search engine, and breaking the 100 million mark for businesses within its database was significant in terms of precedence - that is nearly 40 million more than the next largest B2B search engine and larger than the 4th through 10th largest B2B search engines combined. CEO Rasmus Refer believes the Masterseek engine is the most intuitive search engine on the market. “We have the best categorization process and search functions, the simplest interface and we let businesses create their own profile how they want not how we want them to.” The search service classifies brands as manufacturers, retailers, exporters, suppliers or wholesalers, and can be searched geographically.

Businesses find more relevance in search results and can purchase an SEO service

Masterseek’s success is a surprise as it is so unusual to find a B2B in this category, but it has created a place for itself in the billion dollar market by differentiating itself from Google with its business model and search engine. Results are fewer and optimized for business needs - organized by company names, products or industries - as well as free of sponsored entries, it monetizes with other approaches. An SEO service is available, complementing their business-oriented approach with a guaranteed high Google listing.

By Ivory King