Social metrics platform Topsy gives marketers new kinds of useful information, such as how people feel about their products over time. These new smart metrics give brands more insight on past campaigns and better ways to plan for future ones.

“Smart” twitter metrics allow building brand sentiment over time


Social media is an enormous cache of brand feedback for marketers, but they must monitor, analyze and contextualize all of that data for there to be much value in it. To help in this endeavor, Twitter content empowers brands with more context by social metrics platform Topsy. While they offer data services, a social search engine and an API, the San Francisco-based startup has recently launched their Pro Analytics tool. This new product analyzes tweets from as far back as 2010, provides real time keyword count, and metrics that concentrate on determining sentiment and identifying influential users. The information that Pro Analytics provides is designed to give marketers the means to determine much more than who is saying what about their brand.

Building brand sentiment over the years

Topsy’s new product gives brands nuanced information rather than straight numbers. While it does track the basics of Twitter metrics - mentions, trending status of keywords, and engaged users, Pro Analytics tracks topics and connects them to related terms, so that marketers can see how their campaigns create exposure within Twitter. It also measures current and historical sentiment of keywords, hashtags or usernames to determine whether people are responding positively or negatively to campaigns, press or other events. This can greatly help marketers, as Eddie Smith from Topsy tells l’Atelier: “These measurements are used to plan, measure and identify revised marketing strategies using signal from Twitter to understand what people are saying about a company/competitor's brands, products, services.”

Making the largest market research panel more relevant and actionable

The metrics are real-time and calculated across all public tweets over multiple years. Smith explains that it’s “like having metrics available from the world's largest market research panel, instantly.” The comparative analysis within the tool allows one company to track its performance against that of its competitors, as well as against previous campaigns. These features and others can help give greater meaning to brands than was previously available with less processed data. Topsy has aimed to give marketers a way to discover what people are saying about their products or services, as well as uncovering what is related to specified terms of interest. 

By Ivory King