Q Interactive's 2010 study called "The Social Graces of Social Gaming for Women" illuminated practices and opinions by women who play games on social networks or about their children's gaming. Moms answered questions about the

ir under-eighteen children: 51 percent play social sites games like Farmville, Mafia Wars or Bejeweled. These kids are often allowed to play daily (41 percent) or several times per week (35 percent). Twelve percent of mothers allow their kids to play several times per month, eight percent only on special occasions, and four percent never allow their kids to play.

Children are rarely allowed to engage in paid gaming and online purchases - only seventeen percent of children under eighteen are permitted to make these types of transactions. Most often this takes the form of a prepaid game card (eight percent), or mom's credit card (four percent). Of the 29 percent of children that are allowed to spend on social gaming, most spend less than twenty dollars per month.

The responding women play games on social networking sites more often than the children referred to above. 64 percent play these games, with favorites including Bejeweled (31 percent) and Farmville (26 percent). Over half play daily and thirty percent play weekly.

This new familiarity and frequency with casual games has led 58 percent of these women to consider themselves "gamers," defined by the study as someone who "spends their leisure time playing or learning about different online games." On a more dramatic level, seven percent say they are "obsessed" with online gaming, and 45 percent have a friend that they would call the same.

Despite the popularity of social network gaming, 72 percent would not use their own money to play, and 55 percent fear that these games will move to pay format. Small percentages would be willing to pay, mostly on a pay-as-I-go system (ten percent) or as a monthly subscription (nine percent), but 77 percent would not continue to play.