Baby boomers who find themselves out of place on the internet are finding solace in social networking sites aimed specifically at them., a Boston-based Web site, is one of a growing number of baby boomer sites includin

g BOOMj, BoomSpeak and Secondprime that enable this generation to feel comfortable online and create online communities.   The Web site was started by Jeffrey C. Taylor in 2006 after he left job-listing startup Compared to Facebook and Myspace, he views Eons as “a difference in life stage, lifestyle and life experience."   Many baby boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, feel inept on typical social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace, and through sites like they enjoy the relaxed environment of like-minded people. It is a place, specifically for people 50 years old and up, to connect with others their age, sharing interests, friendship, and sometimes dates.   Eons is primarily user-driven, with blogs and discussion forums where people can talk about anything—from widowing to gardening—and there are plenty of ways to become familiar with the site for those who are not knowledgeable about the internet or social networking.   The LifePath application allows baby boomers to timeline important events in their life as well as future aspirations and in doing so they create friends with people interested in their activities.  The Longevity Calculator uses a series of 40 questions to calculate how long one should expect to live.   With such features, Eons engages users and keeps them online longer than social networking sites for a younger audience, most of which are used to quickly send messages and browse pictures. Eons recognizes that baby boomers spend more time online, and by tailoring their site to such needs, the Web site is growing.   The goal is to create a community, a place where baby boomers can hang out online. But like other networking sites, dating is a big feature of Eons.   Dating groups are one of the most popular features of Eons. Groups like “Fun, Flirting, and Sex after 50” and “50+ Singles” boast some of the biggest groups on the site. It is a fun, easy way to meet people who share the same mentality, and it has even created real-life relationships.   Such an idea, initially scoffed at, is turning out big numbers. The company brought in a total of $32 million in first and second round investments. With over 700,000 registered users and between 600 and 700 new users a day, Eons is growing into a popular place to hang out for baby boomers. These people are so old.   By Danny Scuderi   FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at