America is by far the world’s largest producer and consumer of paper. In the United States, an average employee prints out an average of 10,000 pages per year. Global paper products consumption has tripled over the past three de

cades and is expected to grow by half again before 2010. “GreenPrint” comes into play and reduce your cost of wasted pages, ink and toner by simply installing a software.

Based in Portland, Ore, GreenPrint Technologies, LLC, is the green technology company that released a software to eliminate your wasteful pages before they are printed, incorporate a PDF writer to provide your with an alternative to printing and easy options to save ink and toner.

“GreenPrint is designed to save you money and help the environment by preventing waste pages from being printed. GreenPrint analyzes the content of each print job for pages that have wasteful characteristics. These are the pages with just a banner ad, URL footnote etc. It also allows you to very quickly add and remove pages from your print job, without having to return to the original application,” says the company.

GreenPrint's patent-pending technology does this by analyzing each page of every document sent to the printer and looking for typical waste characteristics (like that last page with just a URL, banner ad, logo, or legal jargon).

“We believe the average Fortune 500 Company will save over $2 million and roughly 4,000 trees annually using GreenPrint” says founder Hayden Hamilton. “We see it as a revolutionary product because it helps save the environment while saving money. Can you think of another product that does that?”

Being eco- and money-friendly, the paper waste management software company has been breaking the news across the world for a bit over a year now, and featured in nearly a 100 articles, from the Portland Tribune to Inc. magazine.

Watch the video below made by CNBC:

GreenPrint Launches the First “Green” Font

Last April, GreenPrint Technologies announced the release of the first font aimed at minimizing paper use.

“EverGreen’s characters were designed to allow more words to fit on each printed page without compromising readability. Compared with common fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman and Helvetica, EverGreen reduces paper use by 15-20%.”

“We hope to engage innovative designers in the international graphic design community and work with them to develop entirely new fonts that further reduce paper and ink use over the next year,” said Hamilton.

GreenPrint partners include Lavasoft, IT-Energy, and Verdiem. To learn more on how to become a GreenPrint Partner, simply write to

Having a meaningful impact on the environment has never been so easy. Free download of GreenPrint World is available by cliking the following link:

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