This Special Report on Europe contains the European Innovation Scoreboard results (France is keeping pace) and a progress report on the future European Digital Library (EDL). - How many Europeans have triple play (broadband internet access, VoIP telephone and IPTV)? - What are the desires and practices of today’s internet users? - You want to go study and/or work in Europe but don’t know where to start? - Will Germany get fiber optics? This Special Europe Report provides answers.

European Innovation Scoreboard Reveals Mixed Bag
The European Commission published the results of the fifth European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) on January 12. Brussels believes that, if the current trend continues, the gap between the 25 member states of the European Union and the United States will not narrow.
Stunted Growth of 1.6% for Corporate IT Spending?
Despite increasingly significant investments in IT security, automation, and Web applications, Forrester Research expects European corporate IT spending to increase only 1.6% in 2006 compared to 2.9% last year.
Internet Penetration in Europe: Will Everyone Soon Be Connected?
What is the status of Internet usage in Europe? Are we on par with respect to new technologies? To find out, the European Commission recently commissioned a special survey of 25,000 households.
Regulation of the Deutsche Telekom Network: National or European Issue?
With its i2010 project, the European Commission hopes to establish an open and competitive, single information and communication market in Europe.
Triple Play: 8% of Europeans Have It

According to a study published in late August by Forrester Research, only 8% of Europeans had “triple play” service (bundling high-speed Internet, VoIP and IPTV) as of June 30, 2006.

PLOTEUS: Portal on Learning Opportunities Throughout the European Space
The Internet is often a great place to find information and advice on how to pursue your education or get training in the European Union. But it is often hard to know where to look.
The European Digital Library Progresses Bit by Bit
The book battle rages on: While Google Book Search has been tied up in legal battles, a European Digital Library (EDL) project steering committee convened on Wednesday, January 11.