OT Mobility has just launched Spot On Time, an app-based subscription service that helps drivers plan and manage all their car journeys, enabling them to arrive on time for meetings and enjoy peace of mind on the road.

Spot On Time service helps drivers manage multiple journeys


While it may be dangerous to use your mobile phone while at the wheel, a smartphone can prove a very useful tool when you are planning your journeys or looking for a place to park at your destination. A range of programs are now being developed which are transforming the way car drivers move around in cities, on the basis of information conveyed in real time. However, apps that use traditional mapping are rather limited. They help drivers to get from A to B, but do not provide any assistance in planning a series of trips within a given period, or managing their road time efficiently. Realizing that many frequent drivers would like to be able to plan multiple journeys in an efficient manner, California-based startup OT Mobility has launched Spot On Time, an app which draws on various sources of information in order to provide integrated schedule, alert, mapping and parking aid functionality. Spot On Time is offered as a subscription service designed to make life easier for those who are frequently on the road, such as sales people visiting clients or busy parents who are trying not to be late picking up their children from school.

Making car journeys more efficient

The main feature of the Spot On Time app is that it enables users to plan their journeys, indicating in advance where they have to go and what time they need to arrive. You can also configure repeat trips. The app will send an alert to warn the user when s/he needs to set out in order to reach the destination on time. On the road the driver can follow the route turn-by-turn on a map and/or using voice guidance, powered by the TomTom satellite navigation system. Once you arrive at your destination, Spot On Time will help you to find a parking space – in a garage or car park – and then provide walking directions from your parked car to the meeting venue. The app is available in iOS and Android versions. A number of pricing plans are available, but the most economical is the yearly subscription of $40.

Beyond a mere navigation app

Driving in cities has become highly stressful due to all the many unknowns surrounding traffic, the growing number of cars on the road and our increasingly hectic lives. Up to now, drivers have had to plan their trips by drawing on knowledge in their own heads, from calendars, and from navigation apps. However, saysOT Mobility CEO Dave Rothschild, “navigation is mature enough that you can now help people do all these other things.” Rothschild explains that Spot On Time needs to be run as a paid ongoing subscription service because it licenses a real-time traffic feed so as to be able to advise drivers when to set out and what routes to take or avoid. Smart journey management enables drivers to save not only time but money too through lower fuel consumption and more efficient running and at macro level will help to streamline urban traffic flows. The company’s marketing pitch does not really highlight the social and environmental aspects of this facility but one can imagine that once the service has built up a substantial user community, it might incorporate a range of options, creating valuable synergies among a network of drivers who all have the common aim of managing their journeys in a smarter way.

By Manon Garnier