Square Register has expanded their card reader and customer loyalty program with a complete and free point-of-sale app. It provides business analytics and Card Case integration.

Square turns the iPad into cash registers


Square has launched its latest product since its launch in 2009: Square Register, a free app that turns an iPad into a cash register replacement. Square’s original product gave small businesses or individuals the ability to receive credit card payments with a free, small reader that plugs into the headphone jack on iOS and Android devices. Register, for now only available on the iPad, expands usability considerably, and gives these smaller vendors a system with tools that currently were only available to larger retail establishments. Once they sign up for the free app, they will be able to use features and analytics that normally come with systems that are too cost- and time-burdensome for more independent businesses.

A POS easy to implement for businesses

Square Register positions itself as an easy to install and launch POS system. The interface is clean and photo-based, with a simple entry system. The cashier operator can browse items, create shortcuts and organize favorite items on the home screen. The Register supports cash and credit card, as well as by a customer’s name. In order to pay by name, customers must be enrolled in Square’s Card Case service, an electronic wallet that tracks tabs and rewards regulars. Card Case is automatically activated for the vendor-side usability when shops sign up for Square Register. The combination of Register and Card Case gives a thorough customer experience that cuts out many third-party services that encourage business discovery and repeat visits.

Analytics gives vendors tools normally found in expensive POS systems

Card Case integration gives Register added value as it gives Square automatic entries in its Card Case network, which will certainly be more useful with the added Register vendors. In contrast, Register’s enterprise tools provide a robust system that usually is only available to larger businesses. The app keeps track of sales patterns and inventory, and allows vendor administrators to log in from anywhere to view transaction details in real time. Small businesses will be able to optimize staffing and hours based on these analytics, which combined with the other Register features showcases Square’s strategy to improve POS usability and usefulness.

By Ivory King