Businesses often lose customers in lengthy sign-up and checkout processes. Dashlane does most of the work for the user and may help retain engagement.

Streamlining Customer Processes With Dashlane

Startups and e-commerce sites know that barrier-to-entry is a critical issue - if it’s difficult for a visitor to sign up for a new account or get through the checkout process, a company stands to lose valuable membership or sales. Tackling this specific issue is Dashlane, a digital personal assistant to remove friction from online shopping. The product addresses various repetitive tasks and other annoyances that users face when going about their daily online business.

The standalone application aids in sign-up, log-in and checkout procedures

The streamlined log-in idea has been addressed by Web-based solutions like Social Sign-in and OpenID, which use pre-existing accounts so that new visitors do not have to go through the tiresome sign-up process. Some Web browsers keep form data also. But Dashlane promises to be a conclusive product that is compatible with more Web sites and services that these other products may not work with. This is because it is its own application, a surprising throw-back to the pre-Web app days, which will work with Mac or Windows OS. Dashlane Express Login saves passwords for multiple accounts. Express Checkout click-to-pay fills out personal details, stores credit or debit cards and minimizes much of the checkout process. Much the same process shaves time off of other processes with Smart Form Filling and Auto Registration. Dashlane performs all of these tasks by recognizing sign-up, log-in and checkout buttons and procedures.

A new B2C product with large potential B2B impact

While the focus of Dashlane is on the end user, this product could have great impact for businesses if it is widely adopted. As mentioned above, any process that potential customers see as repetitive, time-consuming or boring can interfere with engagement or purchase. Dashlane could remove most of those barriers. While businesses cannot download the software for the user, they could display the logo or even product description on their site, thus cultivating interest.

By Ivory King