Stribe, winner of Le Web 09’s startup competition, and which we featured during last year’s Techcrunch 50, launched today after 6 months in private beta. While Facebook and Twitter connect are valuable ways for sites to inc

rease fans, these services are difficult and time consuming for most sites to adopt. Stribe promises frictionless implementation of its social networking layer, which can be

“We designed viral mechanisms to let websites invite and connect with each other. The bigger the community, the more valuable each website becomes. What’s more, all generated content will be indexed to improve SEO and drive more traffic to “stribed” websites. Finally, the “stribed” websites keep control. They can choose which communities they want to join and which websites they want to invite” said Gaël Delalleau, Stribe's CTO and cofounder.

Stribe’s biggest challenge are, of course, Facebook and Twitter Connect. Stribe integrates both of these.

Stribe also includes:

• Customizable profiles including user-specific photos, status updates and community information
• User modules to show who is online, and let users chat and send messages
• A Newsfeed where users can create new topics and share with the community
• Badges to reward most active users and websites
• RSS sharing to distribute and provide more news for visitors
• “Widget” size to make integration easier
• Stribe in White Label: webmasters can now customize their Stribe social network widget with the look and feel of their website.

Stribe also unveiled its “meta social network” today, which allows sites to find other like-minded communities, join or create them using their Stribe account.

Founded in March 2008 by Kamel Zeroual and Gaël Delalleau, Stribe is supported by Oséo Innovation, Paris Development and was the winner of the Scientipôle Initiative Award and LeWeb’09 European startup competition.

By Mark Alvarez