Tablets are playing an important role in the consumer trend of increasing viewership of long-format video content. This platform has grown the most this year, compared with growth in mobile, desktop and connected TV.

Tablet TV watching on the rise, confirming the need for a holistic approach to video

With the powerful combination of larger screen size and portability, tablets are influencing many consumer behaviors. Video is particularly affected, as tablet owners are increasingly watching television on those devices. A report* from video streaming and monetizing platform Ooyala collected data regarding mobile video consumption and how online consumers across channels are watching more live and/or long-format content. The report shows that the overall share of tablet video viewing increased by 90% in the past two quarters. During the third quarter of 2012, several events may have spurred video consumption, according to Ooyala. The London Olympics and the US presidential election provided consumers engaging content, but the trends of mobile video developed uniquely alongside them.

Tablet owners watch long-form premium video content

More and more, consumers are turning to tablets first - even before television – to watch long-form content. Since the beginning of 2012, long-format viewing on tablets has increased by 54 percent. Tablet owners spend 71 percent of their total tablet video viewing time watching 10 min-long videos or longer, and 30 percent of their total tablet viewing time watching premium content over an hour long. Trends in mobile, desktop, connected TV and game console video watching are fairly similar to that of tablet TV watching, although tablets have experienced a sharper increase. Engagement in television, desktops and tablets video watching are almost the same: over 40% of tablet viewers watch a piece of content entirely, compared to 43.44% for television and game consoles, 42.42% for desktops and only 29.28% for mobile devices.

This trend will impact premium content providers and their monetization

In other words, viewers consume video across multiple platforms, a trend that should lead content providers and distributers to develop a holistic approach to video. According to Bismarck Lepe, cofounder and president of products for Ooyala: “Online video distribution continues to redefine television around the world (…) For premium content providers, the ability to closely monitor consumption across devices and across an entire network is critical. It’s the only way to have a holistic strategy for optimizing revenue. This requires sophisticated and actionable analytics.”


*Q3 2012 Global Video Index