The small business community prefers to use a tablet rather than a laptop or desktop computer. And many small business owners say that a tablet will be their next technology purchase.

Tablets Now the Preferred Business Tool for the Self-Employed

Nothing matches a tablet when it comes to managing a business, at least for the self-employed and small business owners, who have become extremely fond of these devices. Some 28% of people in this segment use a tablet for their business applications, which makes it the number one choice, as only 19% say they work on a laptop and just 17% on a desktop computer. These are the findings of a recent Small Business Authority Market Sentiment Survey carried out by Newtek Business Services among 1,100 self-employed earners.

Tablet a near-term purchase

In addition to the fact that the tablet is already the computer of choice for independents and small business owners, it is also the tool that they most envisage buying as an item of equipment. Some 45% of those surveyed stated that their next technology purchase would be a tablet, a result which puts the compact touch-screen device out in front of its older rivals as just 41% of respondents said that their next technology purchase would be a laptop.

Information technology the tool of the future

The final conclusion of this survey is that information and communication tools have a bright future in front of them. Many business owners polled stated their intention to use ICT more in the future, including those who currently don’t use any ICT equipment. In fact over half of all small business owners see themselves in the coming years – without being specific about by when this will be – using a tablet or other ICT device.