While the adoption of NFC is tightly tied to smartphone manufacturers, ad and marketing agencies can play a role too by developing NFC based campaigns. Startup Tapit launched an initiative to educate agency staff to this technology and its potential applications.

Several manufacturers have supported NFC (near field communication) in smartphones in the US, but the applications for the tech have not been widespread. While smartphone manufacturer are critical in the adoption of this technology, agencies and brands might have a role to play too. Australian NFC based mobile marketing Tapit, has recently lead an initiative that was meant to educate agency staff to the potential that NFC represents for marketing and advertising campaigns – at least according to the startup. The idea was to get agency staff to use NFC technology repeatedly over a short period of time, and hopefully “create an‘AHA’moment which gets agency staff thinking about how they can start to apply Tapit to their clients.”

NFC based mobile marketing campaigns 

Many deployments of NFC have been concerned with payments, but as a marketing company, Tapit focuses on new ways to engage consumers. The startup lets brands “tapify” punctual events, advertising or marketing campaigns, and permanent locations as well. Consumers only need to tap their NFC enabled device on a poster or shelf display for instance, and can access different types of content directly on their smartphone – such as video, audio, voucher, mobile site, brochure. While the startup has brought its technology to campaigns for major international brands like Virgin Mobile, Halo, Blackberry etc, it also provides solutions to outdoor advertising companies like JCDecaux, that has developed an NFC based product for its own clients, using Tapit. 

Encouraging agencies to "think NFC" for client projects

In November, Tapit launched a trade marketing initiative at a number of agencies in order to demonstrate and educate agencies about the potential of NFC technology, and the value that it can provide to clients and customers. For 2 weeks, the startup placed Tapit points within agency offices that would give staff 50 cents off daily at their local coffeehouse. But besides increasing consumer engagement, Tapit’s service gives brands access to interaction data and analytics.  Which is why at the end of the 2 weeks experience, Tapit presented the data collected to participating agencies’ staff, to show how they can use in the planning and targeting client projects.