Technology, business and design campus General Assembly works to democratize education and encourage new companies. By building a community of innovators they hope to provide opportunities to individuals and startups.

Teaching entrepreneurial skills to individuals and companies alike


While entrepreneurship is flourishing worldwide, “developing the skills necessary to succeed can be a daunting, confusing, and lonely journey,” according to General Assembly. This educational organization offers a holistic approach to nurturing new businesses - creating an environment that enables new skill acquisition, innovation and community. GA has created a global network of campuses that began in New York City as a co-working space, and now offers 90 minutes classes to multi-week courses in ten cities across five different countries, in an effort to democratize access to learning entrepreneurial skills.

Teaching tech, design and business to future entrepreneurs 

GA offers paid or free courses and workshops in technology, design and business, which are all taught by industry participants in order to make the most practical knowledge available to entrepreneurs and companies. Students can take a single course to fill in a specific knowledge gap - like a Digital Brand Strategy class from the Business department, or apply to an intensive 9-week course on Web Development, for instance. Within the GA building there are many other resources besides the classrooms - startups or projects can apply for communal or dedicated membership to occupy shared or assigned spaces respectively.

Helping companies recruit and adopt the startup spirit

For companies, a place like GA can be a valuable resource to search for talents. While other companies have constructed successful shared working space environments, they rely on ideas, entrepreneurs or teams already being formed in some way when they come to the space. General Assembly comes in much earlier in this process. GA has developed a hiring partner program for companies looking for talent: GA helps companies identify hiring needs, and connect with job-seeking GA graduates. GA also provides enterprise classes and workshops to educate employees from large companies to a “startup spirit.”

By Ivory King