Tech jobs grew by one-third in San Francisco this year, and have been spreading throughout the US. This growth also has a positive impact on other job categories.

Tech jobs are on the rise in San Francisco and beyond

Job growth has been in the public discussion a lot lately, and it can only become more so as the presidential election season intensifies. While much is being said about how growth has not reached pre-recession levels, there are some areas where opportunities are looking better. According to the San Francisco Center for Economic Development, San Francisco is seeing improvement in what is being referred to as “21st Century Jobs,” made up of Internet and biotech-related positions. While Silicon Valley is a hub for the tech industry and startup creation, other areas in the United States are experiencing similar growth.

A trend pushed by city government 

Since the beginning of the year, San Francisco tech jobs have grown by over one third - 13,000 jobs in the category have been added in 2012 so far, for a total of 44,000 jobs. San Francisco’s Mayor Ed Lee has been strategizing for improvement in this sector for some time, with the launch of, an organization to facilitate cooperation between the tech industry and city government, and other initiatives dedicated to strengthening the links between local government and the tech scene. Job creation has been and still is a priority in all those projects.

Beyond Silicon Valley

San Francisco, however, isn’t the only American city showing improvement in this sector. In fact, high-tech jobs are growing the fastest in geographically and economically diverse metro areas, according to research released by Engine. Other counties in states like Washington, Massachusetts, Colorado, Utah, Texas and others are showing a sharp improvement in tech jobs. According to this research, one of the reasons for this is that tech startups don’t only hire developers and engineers. On the contrary, jobs at these companies include everyone from designers to managers, salespeople and executives - the growth of tech companies has a positive impact on other categories of professionals too.

By Ivory King