Federal workers will now have the option of telecommuting a portion of their workweek, thanks to a recently instated piece of legislature.

Telework Act Gives Government Workers Timeline to Work Part-Time From Home


This week, President Obama signed the Telework Act of 2010, also known as the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010. This act requires executive agency heads to each establish a telecommuting policy for their employees. This policy gives eligible government workers the option to work off-site for a portion of their working hours.

According to the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), who support the act, the original 2007 version allows federal employees to telework at least twenty percent of their hours. The AFGE believe this could greatly improve quality of life and productivity. As the recent version reads, the program only applies to workers that do not handle secure materials.

But the act has effects apart from just increasing a little bandwidth usage from fed employees. As ReadWriteWeb suggests in their discussion with Intel, the act could cause increased vPro sales, which would benefit the computer tech company. This product connects IT to desktops and laptops with more security and maintenance capabilities.

If RWW projects higher sales for remote problem-solving tech, the Telework Act surely will affect an entire category of software and hardware. Proprietary software and portable hardware most likely will be important to government workers, as well as better-known professional connectivity products. Possibly Salesforce or similar companies would produce customized packages, possible with a modified Chatter (Salesforce’s secure internal microblogging service).

More broad effects include less traffic congestion in metropolitan areas, as fewer government employees drive every weekday to their workplace. The Act will also create a way for employees to keep running offices when adverse weather would otherwise shut down operations, as occured in February when snowstorms made roads impassable in the nation’s capital for several days.

By Ivory King