If a company wants to attract a consumer to its sales site, one way of doing so is to share influential information from elsewhere, which will encourage visitors to stay with - or direct them back to - the company website.

Using Third-Party Content to Drive Sales

An unsure consumer generally goes searching on the Internet, looking for information on the product s/he wants to purchase or on the various deals on offer. The problem is that when the consumer goes about getting information in this way, s/he has to leave your company site to do so, with very little chance that s/he will return. This is a situation that Scribit, a content-management site, aims to turn around. The platform makes it easy for your company to find and post up articles or other types of useful content directly on to your website. You won’t need an editorial team, as Scribit draws on available information sources, such as English-speaking online press sites, and aggregates relevant information. This means that the online visitor – your potential customer – is more likely to stay on the site where your company is selling its products.

Content management platform

In practice, a companyor an individual wishing to use Scribit first pays to set up an account, enters company or personal information, and indicates the link where the chosen content should be published. Once connected to the platform, the Scribit customer has to search, using keywords, for topics likely to be of interest to its potential end-customers. Scribit will then suggest a range of articles to share, and if the company wishes to publishone on its website, it just needs to click on the button for each item. At the present time, the service is available on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as being ready-to-send by e-mail.

Immediate content, social traffic

The advantage for a company signing up to Scribit is that it can share information without first having to create it or to partner with each individual information source. Which would involve quite some effort, given that Scribit works with some hundred and twenty publishers, among them Gizmodo, Inc and Forbes. The idea is that the content posted should provide prospective customers with all the answers to their questions - information on the sector, reports, product test results, etc - as well as on the brand’s actual products. And the content can quickly become ‘social’ – any online visitor can post any article via a shareable link, which takes recipients not to the original publisher’s site, but directly to the company website - i.e. the sales site. So here’s a way not only to generate traffic but to reach people who otherwise probably wouldn’t have gone to the company website in the first place.