Incisive Interactive Marketing organizes the Search Engine Strategies (SES) conference series. Mid-way through SES San Jose, VP of marketing Matt McGowan gives us an overview. “With 7,000 attendees, this is the largest SES ever.

Online advertising and marketing is approaching the trillion dollar mark. Search marketing is the biggest chunk of online spending and people are still trying to figure things out because it is new,” explained McGowan. Of the three domestic SES editions, San Jose is the tech-heavy one while New York attracts more agencies and Chicago is geared towards ecommerce. “London pulls European visitors with some US presence. But Paris, Munich and Milan are very local to those countries as is China though it attracts people who want to do business there too,” added McGowan. “The US is a couple years ahead in the level of understanding and the dollars spent online. The rest of the world knows it is coming. Our London conference has tripled in size. Globally mobile penetration is something that is interesting.” SES 2007 panelists share wisdom about search engine marketing Panel sessions are packed with attendees who have come from all over the country to learn how to improve traffic to their site using search engines. Here are some tidbits from the panelists. SES 2007 explores latest trends in search engine strategies Several thousands attendees come to San Jose to learn how to draw visitors and customers to their sites using search strategies. Click fraud, video and social media are some of the hot topics at SES 07which continues through August 23 at the San Jose Convention Center. SES 2007 attracts a spectrum of industry exhibitors With just over 100 exhibitors, the show floor retained an intimate feel. From agencies to research firms to the main search engines, attendees could converse with all the search industry players. SES 2007 attendees come from all backgrounds Meet three attendees and see what they learned in San Jose this week.