Smartphone users are faced with a huge and growing number of apps for their smartphones and tablets. AppHero is one of the several startups entering the scene with recommendation engines and social features to help users pick more relevant apps.

With thousands of mobile apps, users need relevancy


Friend to online businesses and boon to decision-weary consumers, recommendation engines make new product discovery easier for digital participants. This service is more than welcome to the mobile app environment, where hundreds of new entries confound smartphone owners regularly. An alternative to blogs and app review articles, AppHero has developed its app recommendation engine to work in tandem with the user’s social network, learning their interests and preferences and also making room for showing and sharing with friends. AppHero tracks which apps a user has, finds relevant products and connects to Facebook for the social features.

Bringing relevant apps and content to consumers

While the machine learning and natural language processing inform the AppHero recommendations, having a structure that specifically is for friends to share their favorite apps adds significant value. As OMERS Ventures, the recent seed financier for AppHero explains, “It's not the volume of apps that is important to consumers, but rather the relevancy of their apps.” Relevancy and personalization is a powerful trait and driver of mobile tech, and this product strives to capitalize on both of these defining factors of mobile usability. Users are able to access apps that will help them, as well as see what their friends are using.

App curation is a growing trend

With their new funding, AppHero will be able to further develop their recommendation engine, as well as expand beyond their iOS-only offerings. Currently the app monitors historical activity and social data, as well as allows users to share apps with each other. The Toronto-based platform launched after Apple recently acquired Chomp, an app search and discovery platform. While Apple is investing in improving the iTunes recommendation system, another service called gives its users content and a network based on Facebook and Gmail contacts. The growth in this area is still favoring the Apple mobile OS, so initial maturity will be expected when more Android and other mobile OS support is introduced.

By Ivory King