Drchrono is a customizable, efficient iPad app that improves the experience of patient and practitioner by bringing health records in the cloud.

Today’s electronic health records have to be in the cloud


Electronic health records (EHR) moved to the forefront of healthcare innovations recently due to legislation. After government incentives were promoted last year to encourage practitioners to move their records online, it greatly stimulated services that help doctors do this, as well as to more easily access those incentives. Patient care platform drchrono gives physicians, medical groups and clinics access to cloud based EHR with a simple iPhone or iPad to “addresses the needs of today's healthcare eco-system environment.” It also lets provides scheduling tools, reminders and other features useful for day-to-day tasks and workflow.

An app that helps practitioners access federal incentives and cut other costs

The platform combines an iPad-based electronic health record manager with easy patient check-in and cloud accessibility. It provides information, a demo and certification to qualify for the HiTECH Act funds. Since drchrono is a meaningful use certified platform, practitioners can get these tax breaks, even if they have a small practice. These small practices can also benefit from drchrono’s free service tier, which is a pared-down version of the EHR that still includes robust features such as Square payments. The service offers multiple price-tiers for small and large practitioner scalability. Its array of features include electronic medical billing, e-Prescribing, customizable notes, H&P Notes, speech-to-text, photos, videos and drug-drug interaction tests - many of which are free.

Mobile tools without the burden of technology

Drchrono chose to focus on iPhone and iPads to meet health practitioners’ mobility needs. However, the goal behind such a platform isn’t to overwhelm health practitioners with complicated and time-wasting digital tools. On the contrary, it is meant to be easily understandable even by non tech-savvy physicians. While drchrono is an app designed to improve medical staff efficiency, as is Agile Diagnosis, drchono focuses more on streamlined doctor-patient interaction than clinical decision making. Drchrono lets patients create a profile, which links to practice management in real-time. In the exam room, the doctor selects the patient’s profile and can see past visits, edit info, and input notes.