The most popular links on Twitter are now being followed and ranked in real-time. Roseville, CA-based is a Twitter URL aggregator, tracking what links people are talking about on Twitter in real-time. At any give

n time, the 100 most popular URLs for the past 24-hours can be found. In addition to the URL, Twitturly also lists the comment attached to the URL and who posted it.

Privately held Twitturly was started by Joel Stellner in April 2008. What it offers is a unique way for users to learn about new and interesting URLs that are being linked to and talked about the most, at least by Twitterers.

The site works by combing Twitter all day long. Every time someone tweets about a URL, the Twitturly engine takes note, authenticates the URL, and then posts it. The popularity of the URL is determined by how many times it is tweeted about throughout the day. Similar to Digg and PageRank, the system works by considering each new mention of a link a vote, and each new vote pushes the link further up the list.

Of course, there are potential problems for abuse, as Michael Arrington of TechCrunch accurately points to in his post:

“If this gets any traction (and I believe it will), it will have the same problems that Digg saw with people creating multiple accounts and linking to stuff just to bump up the votes. There are ways of dealing with this, such as giving more weight to Twitter accounts with a lot of followers, but it will be a constant battle against the bad guys.”

For now, Twitturly shows promise in its simplicity and in today’s world where Web users constantly seek the timeliest information available on the Internet.

By Kathleen Clark
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