Social medial company offers rewards to Facebook users based on their interactions and connections with friends; more social networks will be added soon.   Currently in private beta, urTurn has created a way to reward avid social

network users. Any activity from signing up with urTurn to blogging on and adding new friends to your social networking account will amass urPoints, which users can later redeem for prizes including an Apple iPhone and $50 Visa gift card.   The Ann Arbor, Mich. based company only works with Facebook users at this time, but MySpace users will be able to participate soon. urTurn eventually plans to reward users of any content-generated, social site.   The idea is simple: “the more content you generate, more connections you make, the more urPoints you earn.” To start earning points, Facebook users need only add the urTurn widget to their account and must have a PayPal account. Subscribing to the urTurn rewards widget automatically delivers 200 points while getting a ur friend to sign up for the widget will earn subscribers 800 points.    While there is no max to how many points can be earned, daily restrictions do exist. Adding a friend on Facebook, for instance, yields 400 points and you can only earn points for that category once in a day.   UrTurn also has a marketplace where participants can sell or buy points. If a user is 5000 points shy of what is needed to redeem an iPhone, they can buy the remaining points on the marketplace.   To deter disingenuous users, the widget is set up to recognize “a-typical behavior” specifically conducted for earning urPoints rather than to connect, such as carrying out an activity on the account and then deleting it.    Attaching all social networking accounts to one PayPal account is another way urTurn hopes to avoid abuse of the system.   In order to monetize the site, urTurn plans to have advertising across the site and possibly introduce a marketplace tax for transactions. Another move will be to release an API that will allow revenue sharing with other applications.   By Kathleen Clark FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at