This week, Atelier reviews what is trendy on the web magazine of our great expert contributor. is dedicated to consumer electronics news and reviews. RHex robot The RHex Robot from Boston Dynamics come with appendage

s that provide it with wheel-like mobility as well as leg-like traction when necessary. For those who constantly work in an aquatic environment, you can always swap its legs for paddles without worrying about the RHex fizzling out courtesy of its completely sealed body. It can be controlled from over 500 meters away with a remote control, and comes mounted with both front and rear cameras.     Natural Wave keeps things hot Radiators sure come in handy during winter as you don't have to freeze your butt off even when you've escaped the biting cold outside. The Natural Wave ceramic plate helps harness the heat generated by an old school radiator by turning into a heated plate that keeps your drinks and snacks warm without the need for additional power such as energy-consuming microwaves or ovens. Designed by Byung-seok. You has any other company already manufactured something like this? Drive Erazer to clean a drive without a computer You don't want to throw away a hard drive full of information, but it is quite a hassle to connect it to a computer to erase the data… If you are in this situation, you might be interested by the Drive eRazer, a stand-alone device that can wipe clean a hard disk, and by "clean", we mean multi-pass military-grade deletion of files. It works with many drives (with optional adapters): "Used with WiebeTech's v4 Combo Adapters, DRZR-1 and DRZR-2 can be used with many drive types. The most common include 2.5" and 3.5" IDE/PATA and SATA drives. It will erase most flash drives, PCMCIA, ZIF drives and DOM drives" Zeiss lens for infrared Lensmaker Carl Zeiss has come up with a fair number of new lenses that have been optimized to grab light from the infrared end of the spectrum, and they are the Planar T 85mm f/1.4 and Distagon 25mm f/2.8 ZF-IR lenses. These lenses aren't meant for casual photography though, as they were specially designed for both forensic and scientific applications. Of course, more serious shutterbugs would know that a little experimentation with infrared photography could result in a whole load of fun. There is no word on pricing though. Anyone wants to take a guess when such lenses will end up in a cellphone? Chinese Trojan on Maxtor hard drives Word has it that a Maxtor hard drive has been infected with a Trojan by a manufacturing sub-contractor in China, freaking out Taiwanese authorities who recently discovered samples of the infected kit. The pre-installed Trojan known as AutoRun-AH was discovered by Kaspersky Labs on Maxtor 3200 external hard drives sold in the Netherlands, although Seagate (who owns Maxtor) did express their skepticism about the reports initially. I guess it is time to get their heads out of the sand and face the issue head on. For those who purchase the Maxtor Basics Personal Storage 3200 drives after August 2007, you could be a victim of AutoRun-AH - so keep your guard up. Cre8txt Desktop SMS Keypad This keypad will let you feel the pain of typing text messages on a desktop PC. If you don't speak "SMS shorcuts", it comes with software that translates SMS slang into normal English. Unless you're training for the SMS Olympics, I don't see why you would ever get one. Marketing Pitch Mobile phone communication platforms have been using SMS text for a considerable time, and that has caused the development of a whole new language "SMS Text Slang". Originally developed to save space on the then restricted 160 character text messages, it substitutes shorter character combinations in place of longer words. Young people have developed this language for both mobile phone use and PC messaging platforms. This audience is both competent and efficient users of this technology. (Cre8txt page) Solar Powered Bluetooth Headset Those who wear their Bluetooth headset all day long will appreciate the idea behind this solar-assisted Bluetooth headset. The small solar panel can increase the battery life by up to 21hrs (according to the manufacturer…). Note that this number assumes that the panel is in direct sunlight. Real-life numbers might be a lot less impressive, but still, we'll take any battery life gains that we get.   Find all the sources, and discover more consumer electronics news and reviews at FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at