Each week, Atelier reviews what is trendy on the web magazine of our great expert contributor. Ubergizmo.com is dedicated to consumer electronics news and reviews. Solar-powered Dragonfly James Watt (I like his surname as it

has something to do with power) has created a truly amazing tiny electronic insect robot that is powered by the sun instead of relying on batteries. The best part is, his project comes in the form of a dragonfly that isn't too far away from its real world counterpart at first glance, and is capable of flapping its wings thanks to simple electronics and a pager motor. If only this puppy will be able to master flight.

5G iPod Video Gets Bluetooth Hack

Ed Hernández has just unveiled to the world his latest project - a 5G 30GB iPod video that comes with a Bluetooth module, enabling audio out. Unfortunately, the 30GB model is too thin for comfort, and hence Ed had to make some modifications in order to make Apple's famous PMP accommodate the Bluetooth module. The hard drive was replaced with a Compact Flash memory card, while the front white plastic has been removed, with an iVue clear panel replacing it so that the Bluetooth LED is able to shine through. Reminds me of those transparent Gameboys that Nintendo used to sell...

Hyundai In-Dash Dual LCD Monitor

Hyundai has successfully developed its new in-dash dual LCD monitor that is capable of displaying up to two different images simultaneously due to different viewer angles. This will certainly come in handy, as the driver will be able to refer to the map shown on the display while the passenger enjoys a movie. The Hyundai Grandeur will be a recipient of such technology - I wonder how much extra do you have to fork out to have this luxury in your vehicle.

SteakHouse Indoor Grill

Check out the SteakHouse indoor grill that adopts a vertical design which makes one think of a toaster - but there is a more noble intention in making it stand up. Other than to save space and look like some sort of futuristic kitchen appliance, standing vertically allows fats to drain from the food into catch trays so that they won't smoke right next to the heating elements which are located on both sides of the food tray to speed up cooking times. Forget grilling steaks this summer - you can toast 'em instead. The SteakHouse Indoor Grill retails for €150 and is a sure-fire conversation starter.

Skeleton Mouse

I suppose if you love the Necromancer class in World of Warcraft, chances are this Skeleton Mouse is right up your alley. Designed to look like a decomposed corpse complete with whitewashed bones, the Skeleton Mouse is definitely eerie looking, and it sure as heck doesn't look too comfortable at all. I can't seem to find the scroll button on this thing - hopefully it is not part of the bony spine that curves all the way down from one end to the other.
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