This week, Atelier reviews what is trendy on the web magazine of our great expert contributor. is dedicated to consumer electronics news and reviews. I/O Concept Watch How many hi-tech watches that you see in t

he market these days cater for females? Chances are the answer will be none. The I/O concept aims to change that perspective (assuming it actually takes off), featuring a cuff bracelet design complete with a hidden digital clock that lights up only when you need to tell the time, making this more of a fashion accessory that tells the time instead of a good looking watch. All you need to do is touch the dot whenever you want to check on the time - works like a charm, eh?
Bad Breath Checker

There is nothing quite like bad breath to totally ruin your chances at a social event, which is why brushing one's teeth before a social engagement along with a pack of mints are essential "to do" items virtually every day. The Bad Breath Checker confirms your worst fears that it isn't your ride that's scaring the chicks away - it is a case of bad breath instead. Each purchase comes with a backlit LCD display that offers scoring on a scale of 1 to 6. The lower it is, the better your breath smells. In addition, it is capable of measuring your blood alcohol level so you will be able to make better judgement on whether you can drive home safely or not. The Bad Breath Checker retails for $59 each.
Cold Seat Fends Off Summer Heat
The sweltering summer heat is nothing to joke about, and kids are more subsceptible to heat than we adults so leaving them in a car is a big no-no. Even worse is the fact that most kids seat behind while mom and dad are upfront, enjoying the full blast of the air-condition system. The Cold Seat aims to alleviate little ones' suffering, but it will take some preparation beforehand. First, you will need to stick it in the freezer before the next car ride and fasten it onto a standard car seat when you and your family are good to go. It is simple to store and carry around without adding too much weight or bulk to your boot, but somehow I think purchasing a car with air-condition vents for the rear passengers is a much better idea. At least you don't have to contend with the problem of condensation.
Thanko USB Face Mask
Thanko has released its new USB-powered face mask that claims to keep your face cool, although I am pretty sure it will elicit some unwelcome comments from your colleagues whenever you put this on at the office. After all, I must say one would look extremely silly wearing it, not to mention the probability that you might actually forget you're wearing something connected to your computer's USB port, hence yanking it accidentally whenever you get up. Features include a soft silicon material used in manufacturing and a quiet variable-speed fan. The USB Face Mask will retail for approximately $24 in Japan.
Fujitsu Vein Scanner Comes To The US

Fujitsu's PalmSecure log-in kit will be making its way Stateside pretty soon, and the entire kit consists of a mouse with an embedded PalmSecure authentication sensor in addition to OmniPass software that substitutes Windows and application passwords with sensor readings. According to Fujitsu, the highly unique human vein pattern in a hand is extremely unique, and being highly accurate this is one of the better ways to ensure the risk of your computer getting hacked is minimized. There is no word on pricing, but the whole works ought to be available this June.
Digital Cutting Board<
Most cutting boards are but plain colored rectangles, but the Digital Cutting Board from Nardo Design is worlds apart from what we have in the market today. It is equipped with a flexible LCD display that shows cooking instructions on it to help you achieve that perfect meal. In addition, it also allows you to read up on downloaded recipes which you have a personal interest in. Chromium handles on both ends complete the Digital Cutting Board, and it will be made out of environmentally-friendly components which do not pollute our world after disposal. Unfortunately, the Digital Cutting Board is but a concept at this point in time, so you'll be better off with a flat panel TV in your kitchen for now.
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