This week, Atelier reviews what is trendy on the web magazine of our great expert contributor. is dedicated to consumer electronics news and reviews. Spoon Scales for Weight Watchers If you're extremely meticul

ous about what goes into your mouth, then the Spoon Scales would be the perfect dining room gadget for you. This spoon features a built-in scale that will be able to detect the weight of anything (preferably food) between 0.1 to 300 grams, and is accurate to 1/10th of a gram. An integrated LCD display shows the current weight, and you can toggle switch to ounces if you aren't too comfortable with the metric system. The Spoon Scale is made out of ABS plastic, while it's handle uses stainless steel for a more classy approach. Pro-idee is selling the Spoon Scale for $35.

Earthquake Study Involves Laptop Accelerometers

Simologists at Stanford have found an innovative method to gather quake data - by using laptops equipped with accelerometers. This method saves resources for scientists by using your laptops that are deployed across a widespread area, especially in places such as SF and LA with plans to move into different zones later. Owners of a MacBook, iBook or Powerbook made after 2005 can join in this effort to inform people about quakes after it happens, or even functioning as a warning system. After all, every single micro-second counts, and the system is smart enough to tell the different between a real big earthquake compared to vibrations from a passing truck, a bump to a table, or even a minor earthquake. I think this will prove more useful than the SETI home project.

Sea Instrument Dive Computer

The Seat Instrument dive computer was recently launched by Danish watch designers Linde Werdelin, clipping onto the Biformeter watc and providing you with all the necessary information whenever you go diving. It will come in two versions - steel and gold, where the former is $3,000 while the latter is way out of reach at $46,000. Both versions are useless if you do not fork out $5,000 for the Biformeter in the first place. Other features include:

Full color 220 x 176-pixel LCD screen
150 grams
128MB flash memory
Internal temperature sensor, in-water sensor, light sensor
Water-resistant to 1,000 meters
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
USB charger

Walkie Talkie Watches

Keep in touch with a friend in the neighborhood with the Walkie Talkie watch, as this new model boasts a stunning range of up to 1.5 miles. Hey, at least you get to save on your monthly phone bill, right?Each purchase comes with an earpiece for discrete listening without having any busybodies eavesdrop on you. Features of these wrist walkie talkies include:

1.5 mile range
Auto Squelch system - automatically cuts off weak transmissions
Auto-off to save power
Flex and Talk Operation
Voice Operated Transmission (VOX)
Digital volume control
Backlight for LCD display
3.5mm jack socket for use with earphones

Gizoo is currently selling the Walkie Talkie Watches for £32.95 each.

F1/Carbon GMT Concept Watch

Things don't get any more precise than Formula 1, and the concept F1/Carbon GMT watch is definitely a thing of beauty. Inspired by the world of F1, designer John Pszeniczny has decided to throw in a carbon fiber body, Swarovski crystals, rubber and metal into this timepiece that features 18 identical rubies while telling the time in all 18 cities on the 2008 F1 circuit. Other features include a built-in lap timer function and a stopwatch. I suppose if this was released, it will also be one of the fastest wallet emptiers in history, probably hitting $0 from $20,000 in the time you take to swipe your credit card.

Electric Motion Systems E+ Bike

Electric bikes seem to be getting the popular vote these days, and the new Electric Motion Systems E+ bike is another addition to a growing list. While DOT requirements state that a road-going electric bike ought to have its speed limit capped at 20 mph, the E+ can hit 30 mph when traveling off the beaten path. Without turning the pedals even once, the E+ is able to manage 20 miles on a single charge, whereas if you throw in some pedaling as well you can double the range. It won't be cheap though as you will need to fork out at least $3,495, and you can choose from a cruiser or mountainbike frame. And to think that bicycles were once meant to be exercise machines...

Uno One-Wheeled Motorcycle

The Uno is an interesting mode of transport - it is a one wheeled-looking motorcycle in essence, and it looks as though only the foolhardy and brave will take this out for a spin.
The orange and grey coloured Uno made its first public appearance balanced on its two side-by-side wheels and its footpegs. Looking more like it should have been ridden by George Jetson as he pulled up to his space platform, it looked out of place amid the other custom creations in the building.
I wonder how much one of these costs. Probably an arm, a leg and both kidneys.

Man Builds own Solar-Electric Bike

Brent Hatch must've gotten sick and tired of paying ever higher prices for gas, driving him to create this DIY Solar Electric Bike from scratch. Apparently, his gas bill has surpassed the $700 mark (both he and his wife has seven children), causing him to purchase an 8-seater bicycle while affixing a bunch of roof-mounted solar panels to rev up an electric motor. You won't go very fast with this puppy, but at least short commutes to and from school to pick up the young 'uns will be much easier on the wallet. Hopefully the other kids play nice and won't ridicule Brent's offspring.

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