This week, Atelier reviews what is trendy on the web magazine of our great expert contributor. is dedicated to consumer electronics news and reviews.   Solar-powered wheelchair a first A research team from Southern T

aiwan University of Technology has successfully rolled out (no pun intended) the first solar powered wheelchair in the world. It will retail for less than current manual and electrical models, while another added advantage would be reducing the amount of electronic waste produced during manufacturing. In addition, solar-powered wheelchairs will be able to last far longer than a typical model since it does not need to be charged up in the same manner. A patent for this has already been applied, so one can expect to see these being mass produced in the near future. I like the fact that the responsibility of keeping the earth green can fall onto anybody's shoulders, which is a good thing.   AquaMaker AM10 makes water out of air The AquaMaker AM10 device sounds great for areas where fresh, clean water is hard to come by. It creates water by pulling ambient humidity from the air and purifying it. It will be able to collect up to 5 gallons of water per day - that is enough to sustain approximately 10 people. Since the AM10 requires power to use, it costs $15 a day to use - pretty high considering how much a bottle of mineral water costs at the local convenience store, but then again those aren't readily available in certain parts of the world. The AM10 retails for $1,200, but folks who find it expensive can rent it for $65 per month.   JetBlue to offer in-flight emails JetBlue is currently lining up plans to offer free, in-flight WiFi connectivity to its passengers, allowing them to surf the Internet using either their laptop of BlackBerry devices. In addition, passengers can also access customized Yahoo mail and Yahoo instant messenger services on their laptops, making the entire flight a little less dreary instead of sitting through movie reruns. Sounds as though businessmen will appreciate such a service as they will then be able to sent important emails without even waiting to touch down. Word has it that JetBlue will be offering this service next Tuesday on December 11th.   Dell Latitude XT tablet PC rumor Word on the street has it that Dell will be launching its Latitude XT tablet PC very, very soon - in particular December 11th. Do you think this will boost Dell's performance in the long run, and will it be a device that sells just enough to cover its costs and make a small profit while the world still tries to find the sweet spot for tablet PCs?   Individual Lifting Vehicle flies I am still amazed at the Segway and how it actually keeps its balance while ferrying people around. The Individual Lifting Vehicle (ILV) can be considered to be the Segway of the skies, where you pilot it by shifting your weight around while standing right above its twin propellers. This won't get you very far in terms of distance though, as it is meant to be more of a compact levitation platform used during crop spraying, aerial movie videography, search and rescue and other short-range, low-altitude applications. The ILV comes with a theoretical maximum speed of approximately 60mph and requires a basic pilot's license before you can even fly one. It will retail for approximately $50,000 for those who are interested. Solar Taxi attempts to circle globe Louis Palmer from Switzerland will be attempting to go around the globe in his solar-powered car. His long journey began last year when he set out from Lucerne, Switzerland last July, and over a year he has traversed Europe, the Middle East as well as India. This three-wheeled, two seater comes with a "Taxi" sign that offers rides to whoever is interested in his journey to create history. Louis will be in Bali, Indonesia this week. The Solar Taxi pulls a trailer along with additional solar panels, resulting in a total cell area of 65 square feet. To date, Louis has covered nearly 9,000 miles and ought to make his way to the US sometime next year before he reaches home sweet home.   Find all the sources, and discover more consumer electronics news and reviews at   FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at