Each week, Atelier reviews what is trendy on the web magazine of our great expert contributor. Ubergizmo.com is dedicated to consumer electronics news and reviews. Order Starbucks Via Apple Folks who can't get enough coffee from

Starbucks will soon be able to order their favorite caffeinated beverage from the comfort of their iPhone and iPod touch without waiting in line, courtesy of a new Starbucks program that functions via WiFi at each Starbucks outlet. You'll be able to bypass the cheery shoutouts from the barista as you choose your drink just like how you would do at an actual Starbucks cafe, save for the fact that you'd be relying on a whole lot of finger pointing instead. Skip those queues and reserve those seats before other iPod-less folk manage to even think of what they want to have for breakfast.   Hydrogen Powered Phone This cell phone is powered by a Hydrogen fuel cell that works by extracting hydrogen from water, then extracting electrons from the hydrogen. It is a water-powered phone, in a sense. Of course, some energy is needed to break water into hydrogen for now, but it’s conceivable that solar energy or another crazy tech like the electricity generating cloth could help. Strangely, there’s no word on what the battery life if this phone is. Isn’t that the main point for users? By Angstrom Power and Motorola.   In-Reach Child Tracker Make sure your tiny one doesn't venture beyond his/her designated boundaries with the In-Reach Child Tracker. This child tracking system is perfect for giving your child some freedom and giving you peace of mind. The child tracking system allows you-the parent- to set an adjustable boundary from 10 feet up to 300 feet. The parental unit will allow you to see how close the child is to the boundary. Each unit comes with a instructional DVD. Requires 4 AAA batteries that are not included. Sounds pretty draconian, eh? Well, it retails for $44.95 and provides you with a few minutes of respite instead of being on guard 24/7.   Japanese Robot Prepares Octopus Balls from A to Z Japanese engineers aren’t giving up on domestic robots. This “chef” might not be in your kitchen anytime soon, but it is capable of preparing octopus balls by itself, in four steps: Chop the Octopus Roll the pieces into balls Place the balls on the grill Serve the cooked balls in a plate This happens in a tightly controlled environment, but I’d love to see it in action.   Zeemote Bluetooth Mobile Game Controller Hands-On [GDC 2008] You might have seen the Zeemote during Mobile World Congress last week, but the company will promote the software development kit (SDK) at the Game Developers Conference being held in San Francisco. We meet Beth Marcus, the founder and CEO of Zeemote and we had the opportunity to play with it, and to make a long story short: it’s pretty cool. To be honest there was some skepticism when we saw the device in a photo. But we also know that playing with a phone’s keyboard provides a bad experience. The Zeemote feels good in the hand and it works well as a one-handed game controller. It is also surprisingly light (47g). The Zeemote has an analog joystick, even if most mobile games are built for a digital controller. That will give developers more options when they create their games. Developer John Chasey from Finblade told us that integrating the Zeemote code is easy. Ultimately, the Zeemote success will be measured by the number of games supporting it. Continue Reading "Zeemote Bluetooth Mobile Game Controller Hands-On"   Find all the sources, and discover more consumer electronics news and reviews at Ubergizmo.com.   FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at editorial@atelier-us.com