Each week, Atelier reviews what is trendy on the web magazine of our great expert contributor. Ubergizmo.com is dedicated to consumer electronics news and reviews. Amazon MP3 Store goes International Online retailer Amazon.com now

holds the distinction of being the only retailer to offer DRM-free MP3s from all four major music labels - that, and in addition to thousands of other independent labels worldwide. These offerings are now no longer limited to the US only, but internationally so the rest of the world can get on with their lives without being tied down to some sort of pesky DRM music on their respective audio players. 1.1 Billion Cellphones Sold Worldwide in 2007 That’s the result from a study done by Strategy Analytics. That’s an increase of 10% from the Billion phones sold in 2006 and the growth is expected to continue to 1.24B phones for 2008. The growth in unit shipped is driven by emerging regions, where Nokia leads. I thought that Motorola had dropped at the forth place, but here’s what the studay says: 1/Nokia 2/Samsung 3/Motorola Treo 800w Specifications Leaked Well look here - after hearing news of Palm's intention to close down the majority of their retail stores, along comes more information of the upcoming Treo 800w's specifications. A case of a little bit too late, perhaps? mini-USB plug located on the bottom for syncing and charging Approximately as thin as a Centro It will ship with WinMo 6.0 and will be compatible with WinMo 6.1 once an update is released Compatible with Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 WiFi on/off button 2 megapixel camera EV-DO Rev. A radio, Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR, and 802.11g WiFi connectivity microSD memory card slot 256MB memory Netflix on Video Streaming on Mac, Video-on-Demand Netflix recently announced its quarterly results, and discussed about the idea of having video streaming (Instant Watch) on the Mac. Again, it comes back to a digital rights management (DRM) issue:  “To date, the only widely used DRM format for the Mac has been Apple's own FairPlay system, which has not been licensed to any third parties. This has so far limited the Netflix service to Windows alone” (electronista) Video on demand can be seen as a threat to Netflix and many are wondering if the rental company should create its own VoD system. At the moment, the company dismisses the idea, but it’s hard to tell if it really believes that DVD discs will hold their own for the foreseeable future, or if they simply do not want to validate an concept that is harmful to their business. LawnBott Gets Upgrade For those who do not yet have kids who are old enough to mow the lawn as a chore, fret not. There is the LawnBott LB3200 that not only goes about its task without complaining or asking for higher wages, it is also Bluetooth-enabled, allowing one to control it remotely from a cell phone or laptop. You will first need to include the perimeter wire to set the boundary before unleashing the LawnBott LB3200. Capable of cutting on slopes up to 30 degrees in an area as large as 38,000 square feet, it will automatically return to its dock once it is running out of juice or when the job is complete. Don't worry about coming home to a shredded pet as there's a free-floating 360-degree bumper, a blade-stop sensor and an onboard alarm system to prevent untoward accidents. Is the Lawnbott LB3200 worth $3,250? SpaceShipTwo & WhiteKnightTwo Unveiled Designs for SpaceShipTwo and WhiteKnightTwo from Virgin Galactic were unveiled, ushering in the age of private spaceflight to the masses (or at least those who could afford it, that is). Currently, the SpaceShipTwo stands at 60% complete with test flights due later this year while the WhiteKnightTwo is 70% completed. The latter will also hold the record for being the largest all carbon composite plane when finished - in comparison, the Boeing 787 is just 50% carbon composite. Some key features of SpaceShipTwo include : Windows are 18 inches in diameter Two systems move landing gear or tail so if one fails there’s another system to pick up the slack Designed to be flown twice a day Roomy cabin with height roughly 7 feet Designed to re-enter the atmosphere at any angle, it can correct itself. I wonder if there must be some sort of physical fitness test future passengers must go through before stepping onboard. Glowing Skateboards Patented Check out these glowing skateboards from Photon Light Boards. These will definitely increase the cool factor as you blaze through town performing all your ollies and tricks to impress the ladies. These boards can be purchased pre-fitted with LEDs in a range of setups, or for those who want something more personal, there is always the option of a custom setup. The boards alone are pretty expensive, ranging from $95 to $200 minus trucks and wheels, with the higher price point pointing towards an obviously more complex design. These skateboards are rechargeable thanks to a sleekly mounted powerpack and plug. View the video of the Glowing Skateboards here. Wrong Number Generator I know that April Fool's Day is still a long way off, but the Wrong Number Generator is always good for a laugh (or two). Plug it into the phone jack and you're good to go - perfect to set up the entire office for some laughs when dealing with a particularly difficult colleague. No idea on how it works, but it will automatically change the number you dial, although there is a 25% chance that the call will go through properly in order to prevent the victim from complaining about a consistent defect of wrong numbers. Of course, most folks these days already have a cell phone so chances are this will only be good for a couple of wrong numbers. Rest assured, emergency lines such as 911 will always dial correctly. The Wrong Number Generator retails for $89. Find all the sources, and discover more consumer electronics news and reviews at Ubergizmo.com.   FEEDBACK For comments on this article, write us at editorial@atelier-us.com