This week, Atelier reviews what is trendy on the web magazine of our great expert contributor, dedicated to consumer electronics news and reviews. New Panasonic Eye Scanner Story posted on: October 17, 2007 Panason

ic has released a new eye scanner known as the BM-ET200 that boasts voice activation (it bellows out commands like "Stand up straight!") while identifying a user in just 0.3 seconds. The BM-ET200 can be modified to handle more than 10,000 user records, and is tipped to retail for approximately $2,500 when released in the US next year. The authentication process is pretty simple - the scanner fires a laser into the eye (up to 20" away), while the user aligns the eye with the camera by directly focusing on a green light. Don't worry, it won't leave you blind although it does sound painful in theory. Guess bigwig corporation could certainly make do with one of these. Source...   EU approves phone calls in the air Story posted on: October 17, 2007 The EU has decided to allow cellphone calls to be made while you're in the air, ten thousands of feet above the ground courtesy of a new technology that does not run the risk of interference with aircraft systems. This reservation of space for the required airwaves has already been recommended to the EU countries' governments before the system can be fully rolled out. On-board phone calls will be redirected to a satellite, and subsequently transmitted to the carrier's network, resulting in a sky-high price that is on par with your current lofty position. There are limitations to this system though as such phone calls are forbidden whenever the plane is less than 3,000 meters in height. Source...   Audi concept device is funky Story posted on: October 19, 2007 Audi aims to wow with their latest concept device that not only functions as a cellphone, it also doubles up as an MP3 player, a vehicle control system, and an input for the car's navigation system. The handset itself will be able to connect to the Internet using WiFi and 3G UMTS technology depending on the situation you're in at the moment, and it is also capable of receiving snapped images of any intruders who enter the vehicle courtesy of the integrated vehicle camera system. It is but a concept at this point in time, so it remains to be seen whether this will make its way into a production vehicle. Source...   French iPhone to be unlocked! Story posted on: October 17, 2007 French law lets customers opt for an unlocked iPhone. The phone will obviously be more expensive than the subsidized version (399 euros), but at least users won’t have to crack it every couple of weeks. Amusingly enough, the unlocked iPhone is called “Naked iPhone” by Orange, meaning that it comes without a service contract. Orange has declined to mention the price of the unlocked version. French laws require that any phone sold with a service plan should also be made available without the plan.   Windows Mobile with Projector Concept Story posted on: October 17, 2007 Stefano Casanova designed this concept phone that would run on Windows Mobile and use a swivel display with an embedded projector, making it less strenuous to read stuff or watch movies on the phone. Of course, now someone would have to pull their hair and actually implement it, using cutting-edge and consumer-priced technologies… it doesn’t cost anything to dream a little, right? Source...   Nintendo stops support for NES et al Story posted on: October 18, 2007 While Microsoft has already stopped supporting Windows 98 for quite some time already, you'll be surprised to know that Nintendo has just pulled the plug where support for the NES, SNES, N64, Gameboy, and the Gameboy Pocket after all these decades. It is pretty interesting to note that up through last week, it is still possible to send your creaking NES system to Nintendo for a full factory repair. Talk about an amazing level of service that other companies would do well to emulate, where support for legacy devices are crucial to maintaining customer loyalty. Drats, looks like I have to take better care of my monochrome LCD Gameboy from now onwards. Source...   Corporate Zombies take after LEGO Story posted on: October 17, 2007 After watching Resident Evil: Extinction, it is interesting to see an office toy like these Corporate Zombies released. Retailing for £12.95 a pop, they're pretty expensive but will surely send a message to the top management on just exactly how you're feeling at the moment. No Umbrella Corporation shenanigans here, as GiantMegaCorp is the culprit this time round. They come complete with poseable arms and an eerie green skin which glows in the dark while remaining trapped in their respective office get-ups. Source...   Find all the sources, and discover more consumer electronics news and reviews at   FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at