The recent tensions between Yahoo and Microsoft have affected Yahoo’s image within and without the company, but it still claims to be doing just fine.   At Wall Street Journal’s conference D: All Things Digital, Yahoo CEO Jerry Ja

ng refuted reports that the company is under siege.   "The perception of us being a company under siege is just not accurate," he said. "The essence of Yahoo is being defined today. We have to be incredibly relevant to the consumer. We want you to start your day at Yahoo."   Microsoft recently pulled back an offer to buy the company for $47.5 billion, and the abortion of the highly touted merger threatens to create a mutiny within shareholders.   Prominent investor Carl Icahn is hoping to reignite the merger talks through a proxy fight—nominating possible candidates to replace the current board of directors. Icahn hopes to channel the frustrations of other shareholders and catalyze new Microsoft-Yahoo talks in the process.   Since Icahn’s public criticism, the two giant companies have renewed talks, though significantly smaller than before. They reportedly do not involve any whole acquisition of Yahoo.   At the conference, Jang and Yahoo president Susan Decker purported the company’s four areas of focus to improve its standing among users and shareholders alike: home page, search, mail, and mobile technology.   "I know people want to see results, but I think we're starting to show Yahoo can be on this path to being a different entity,” Jang said.   It remains to be seen whether talks will escalate into the acquisition talks of before, but one can be sure that the Microsoft-Yahoo fiasco is far from over.   By Danny Scuderi   FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at