Yahoo Inc. will offer a simpler way for users to manage all their information across Yahoo sites and share with friends. At the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco on Thursday, April 24, Yahoo announced plans to rewire the large nu

mber of services it offers across its site to allow users an easier process for managing all their information in one location and also sharing it with friends across the Web.

Indicating they are not trying to compete with social networking sites, Chief Technology Officer Ari Balogh explained "We are not building another social network.” The intention, rather, is incorporating the idea of social into all their services.

By reworking the framework of their services and creating an easier login and information sharing process for its users, Yahoo expects to remain on par with social networks like Facebook and Myspace.

“Unified user profiles and the effort to make it easier for users to share information with their friends is part of Yahoo's broader "Y!OS" strategy due out later this year,” Balogh said.

The news follows in the heels of an announcement Yahoo made in January to adopt OpenID. OpenID allows users to choose one login provider and use the same login across different websites. Users no longer need multiple usernames resulting in a simpler online user experience. Furthermore, businesses spend less time and money on password and account management, while still attracting new web traffic.

Other companies such as AOL, Microsoft, and Google are in the process of implementing and providing OpenID. The success of OpenID largely depends on acceptance by all major Web entities before users can reap the benefits of one user login across the Internet.

In the meantime, the single location user login on Yahoo is sure to improve the experience of those using many of Yahoo’s services. In addition, Yahoo will be better able to track the behavior of users on their various properties and provide specific data requests from advertisers.

By Kathleen Clark
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