Yahoo! is teaming up with McAfee Inc. to alert its search engine users of potentially harmful Web sites that come up in search results.   McAfee Inc. identifies Web sites that are dangerous to users when they add spyware or adware

or other infections through downloads, and Yahoo will place a red exclamation mark next to such sites in its search results page.   The safety partnership comes amidst recent Web site corruptions that place viruses on commonly searched sites in order to trick users into visiting and, consequently, being infected on malicious sites.   "Yahoo users have clearly told us that among the most important concerns for them are all these lurking threats on the Internet," said Priyank Garg, director of product management for Yahoo's search division.   The Web sites that McAfee deems as the most dangerous simply will not come up in search results. These are the sites that attempt to take advantage of web browser flaws such as those in Safari, FireFox, and older editions of Internet Explorer.   The deal benefits both companies.   Yahoo is looking to rebound after rejecting Microsoft’s improved $47.5 billion bid, a move that Yahoo says was never official and one that caused the company’s stock to fall 15%.   McAfee will be able to expose its software to all of Yahoo’s search engine users, which are second in number behind Google, and entice them to upgrade to more premium versions.   It will also enable the Web security company to analyze search data and find more flaws that they can use to improve their software.   While making its search engine safer for users, many see the move as a means to justify the rejection of a high bid and fortify its stance against Microsoft in case more negotiations take place.   By Danny Scuderi   FEEDBACK For comments on this article, email us at