Last week Yahoo announced large partnerships with seven mobile carriers in Asia that will give it a significant advantage in the quickly growing mobile Internet market. The Sunnyvale-based Internet company's deals involve five

online mobile search partnerships and two advertising partnerships, putting it at the head of the mobile search market in front of rivals Google and Microsoft.

The online mobile search partnerships are with Mahanagar Telephon Nigam Ltd. of India, China's Hong Kong CSL Ltd., Smart Communications, Digital Mobile Phlis, Inc. of the Philippines, andVibo Telecom Inc. of Taiwan.

The mobile advertising partnerships are with Maxis Communications Berhad of Malaysia, and Idea Cellular Limited of India.

The partnerships will make Yahoo the standard search engine on many of Asia's mobile phones, a position that is quite valuable considering Google's inferior number in the same category.

Although its rank in online search and advertising fall well behind Google, these overseas partnerships give Yahoo a powerful position in mobile media-one of the fastest-growing Web 2.0 platforms.

In addition, Asia is quickly growing into the world's largest Internet and mobile service regions, further bolstering Yahoo's future business plans.

Within the last year and a half, Yahoo has brokered 60 similar partnerships worldwide, including one with T-Mobile, a lesser mobile carrier in the U.S. but a large one in Europe. With the latest deals, Asia now has about one-third of those partnerships.

The deals come in the aftermath of failed negotiations between Microsoft and Yahoo, with the company looking to better its image.

Yahoo also announced new email domain names, seemingly in a similar public relations effort. New users can register under newly formed Ymail and Rocketmail.