Yahoo recently opened its search service to developers in order to allow users to customize the results of their queries, but fresh out of beta testing, Yahoo Search Gallery is getting mixed reviews. Yahoo Search Gallery enable

s users to choose from a number of different applications that can customize a search, including Yelp reviews, Epicurious Recipe Search, and music.

The idea is to provide the user with more precise information about the search, and although the idea is great, Yahoo’s execution leaves much to be desired.

“After putting some of these enhancements through a quick test drive this morning, I am completely underwhelmed,” says TechCrunch writer Eric Schonfeld.

The complaint is that the applications that are designed to enhance a search essentially do not do their job properly.

Simple search queries yield similar results as they did before Yahoo Search Gallery, and sometimes placing a precise search—which should make definite use of the applications that are supposed to customize a search—yields nothing, leaving the user to broaden the query.

The applications seem like a good idea, and they might still be, but for the average search engine user they only create more complications.

Also, the new applications do not let users or developers prioritize the order of the results.

In April, Yahoo began letting a limited number of developers use its Search Monkey Platform (formally called Open Search Platform) with a set of APIs that enabled them to modify search results by including images, additional links, and structured data.

For example, a Yelp query yields results with images, user ratings, address, and phone number.

Although the idea is a good one, Yahoo needs to fix some glitches before any satisfaction can come from using its customized search engine.

By Danny Scuderi
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