With the vast amounts of emerging technologies we read about today, it is hard to be sure how our world will look in ten years. It seems like every day there’s a new emerging technology that may-or-may not one day become an int

egral part of our lives. Here’s a small list, Technology Review’s 10 Emerging Technologies of 2008.

Modeling Surprise. Technology that will predict, or at least minimize, surprises in such areas as traffic, medicine, politics, and finance.
Probabilistic Chips. Trades chip accuracy for increased energy efficiency. Since most of our computing does not demand calculatory perfection, these chips could make computing a lot faster.
NanoRadio. Radios at the molecular level! Could be used in anything from cell phones to the blood stream.
Wireless Power. Uses magnetic resonance to transmit electricity to devices without cables or wires. Could be used at first to do away with power cords for electronics.
Atomic Magnometers. “Tiny, inexpensive magnetometers could lead to portable MRI machines, tools for detecting buried explosive devices, and ways to evaluate mineral deposits remotely.”
Offline Web Applications. One of the big advantages of this is building web-like environments that utilize the full power of a CPU.
Graphene Transistors. Graphene is a carbon material one atom thick. It could be used for faster, cheaper processors.
Connectomics. A synaptic map of the brain. Could further our understanding of neurobiological diseases and injuries.
Reality Mining. Using algorithms based on cell phone data to analyze human relationships and behavior.
Cellulolytic Enzymes. Break down biomass cellulose to be used as biofuels.

By Mark Alvarez