In Adobe’s biggest software release to date, designers can now save time and access Photoshop, Indesign and other Adobe software on a single application platform. The most premium bundle—the CS4 Master Collection ($2,499)—unifies all 13 of the applications owned by the software giant. By enabling all applications from a central platform, Creative Suite 4 will undoubtedly increase efficiency for designers. Before, if a designer wanted to touch up a photo and subsequently put it into a tagged text document, she would have to open two separate Adobe applications: InDesign and Photoshop. With CS4, the applications are integrated into a single tab-based platform, and the developer is not required to abandon a project to work on another related project.

Adobe Creative Suite 4 also provides new innovative tools and capabilities to graphic designers. The 3D rendering has been substantially upgraded, enabling more realistic 3D visualizations of images and animations. Adobe Flash is also integrated in all applications, and rendering times are considerably shorter. For the Adobe Premiere application, imported video dialogue is automatically computed into text, making it easier for the editor to locate a specific clip.

Although upgrades are available for individual Adobe software, the San Jose-based company is offering four bundles catered to specific areas: Design Premium, Web Premium, Production Premium, and the all-encompassing Master Collection. In a statement, Adobe President and CEO Shantanu Narayan, highlighted the efficiency and integration goals that the company had in mind while creating the CS4 software.

“Designers and developers are shaping the way that people consume information, share ideas, sell products, tell stories and create memorable experiences—in print, online and via mobile handsets,” Narayan said. “Whether you're creating a rich Internet application, a video or a best-selling magazine, Adobe Creative Suite 4 delivers powerful cross-media technologies that have the ability to elevate products, brands and ideas above the clutter.”