No matter how light your laptop, going through airport security is always a hassle. Not only is there the quasi gymnastic level of contortions required to simultaneously remove your laptop, jacket, shoes and belt, and change from pockets while waving your ticket and ID in the air– as hundreds of others are all doing the same, like tai chi in fast forward – there’s always the fear that sending your computer through the X-ray conveyor could damage your hardware or data. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) wants to help with all that. And Aerovation Products, based in Tipp City, Ohio has released the first X-ray friendly laptop case, relieving travelers from having to remover their laptops at airport security


The case, which provides 8mm foam protection for laptop, is partitioned into two halves, easily separated. In one is the laptop; wires, extra batteries et alia go on the other side. When separated, the bag lets scanners see what’s in the laptop to ensure there are no dangerous items in it.

In March the TSA requested that companies begin creating X-ray transparent laptop bags. Airport security should be fully trained on the use of these bags by the middle of August.

In other good news for travelers, the TSA has announced that we might not have to take off our shoes anymore, thanks to new scanning technology.

By Mark Alvarez