Dear Readers, I am pleased to announce the launch of Atelier's new website. Our teams have put forth our best efforts in creating this blog to ensure you an exceptional online experience. The time has come for our Web site to

become user-friendly.

This new version is designed to make the site more efficient. You are now able to browse our hundreds of articles more effectively through categories, keywords (tag clouds), and archives.

Additionaly, our homepage includes great new features such as my updates from the micro-blogging site Twitter and my photo updates from pictures and video-sharing site Flickr.

You are also given the opportunity to interact directly with any article that you read. I encourage you to express your opinion, suggestions, and critiques at the end of any article. We value your thoughts!

Do take the time to learn more about Atelier's business by visiting the three main sections in the main column - Consulting Services, Events, and New Media.

I look forward to receiving your feedback, and wish you a happy reading.

Mathieu Ramage, Editor

By Mathieu Ramage