Yesterday Bing announced a winner for its public contest to write a theme song for the new site. This song spontaneously garnered a surprising amount of blog attention, both positive and negative. But most notable was the negative. The Internet loves to criticize. Those of us who get paid to write content know that it is far easier to be witty, funny or at least moderately interesting when the copy is negative rather than positive. Thus have launched the careers of those with a flair for invective, terse insults, or a colorfully-cussing vocabulary. The Internet loves the one hit wonder. But what happens when someone is a one hit wonder many times over? This only makes sense when it comes to musician, video artist and performer Jonathan Mann.

These two rules of the Internet have been called into action with an entertaining dialogue between a writer at TechCrunch and the aforementioned Mann. The winner of Bing's jingle contest, which we refer lovingly to as the Bingle, was somewhat unwillingly thrust into the same spotlight as the newly-launched Microsoft search service. The spotlight of We Love To Hate.

Yesterday, MG Seigler covered the news with Bing Has Succeeded in Finding the Worst Jingle Ever. Then Mann responded to the slam with "I'm MG Seigler" on his site Rock Cookie Bottom, where he has been posting videos for his "Song A Day" project. This in turn resulted in a new post on TechCrunch called Me vs. Cookie Bottom: I Win.

Of course, lots of critics like the song -  Chris Matyszczyk of CNet was surprised at the bad commentary surrounding TechCrunch, and the Huffington Post saw fit to cover him for the third song this year. The first was "Hey Paul Krugman," which launched him over to New York to perform the song on MSNBS's Rachel Maddow show back in March, the second was a musical interpretation of the Bush torture memos that were publicized in April.

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