It was at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) that Bill Gates unveiled the Windows Home Server, a new operating system for use in the home. It will store all the data from all computers in the same house. Developed with the US manufacturer Hewlett-Packard, the server will store all documents, videos and photos from all the computers in the house. But Windows Home Server will also enable you to share information relating to security and various peripherals, such as printers, between all these computers. The Microsoft game console Xbox 360, as well as the digital media player Zune, can also access the server and share and receive data stored on the Windows Home Server. A real family network!

All these data can be stored and then transmitted to other PCs or peripherals thanks to an Ethernet connection, a USB port or a Wi-Fi connection.

The latter will also make use of RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) storage technology and will be based on the Window Server 2003 system, already used by businesses.

The first to adopt the Windows Home Server will be MediaSmart Server from HP but its price has not yet been announced. And so far, no demonstration has been made of the capabilities of the new operating system. But the CES is not over yet...