Nokia, which has just announced that it sold some 40 million digital phones in 2006, used this occasion to announce several new products. The manufacturer, presenting a new phone, the Nokia 6231 NFC and tablet, the Nokia N800, also announced that it had signed a cooperation agreement with Skype and the blog editor Six Apart. This year, convergence is the key. The N800 Internet tablet, a multimedia Nokia Nseries computer operates with Linux and has a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. With it, you can access your emails, chat with instant messaging and use numerous search functions. The Internet tablet, which is selling for about €399, also includes an audio and video player.

Although the N800 does not work as a mobile phone exactly, users can use IP telephony by downloading Skype software.

The Finnish company also announced the Nokia 6131 NFC, a flip phone which, thanks to NFC (Near Field Communications), can be used to share information using compatible advertising displays or informational kiosks, and to make use of numerous services such as contactless payments, authorising admittance to an exhibition, ticket delivery, etc.

The 6131 NFC will function with Symbian and will come with a Bluetooth connection, a 1.3 megapixel camera, an FM stereo radio or even a hands-free version. It should cost about €300.

Finally, Nokia has also announced forthcoming integration with some Vox Nokia Nseries terminals, a blogging service developed by Six Apart. Mobile users will be able to edit and up/download photos and Web content from their phones.