As mud continues to sling during the closing weeks of election season, there should not be any slung at the bipartisan National Association of Secretaries of States, which has launched a starting platform that is very useful to possible new and uninformed American voters. Come November 4th, don’t be among the forlorn disenfranchised. Concerned that you are not registered to vote? Want to get involved with polling centers on Election Day? What if you wanted to vote right now? has these answers and other good information to prevent voter problems on Election Day.

target="_blank"> aggregates all of the U.S. states into one drop down menu, enabling the user to navigate to regulations, databases, and other important information in their place of residency quickly and easily. This is especially important for residents of battleground states, where sketchy activity is the most likely to occur. For example, here are the voter registration deadlines for all fifty states.

One thing really unique about Can I Vote is that it is very simple. The important information is easy to locate because there are no feature stories or arbitrary celebrity endorsements to distract you. The necessary information is there, and the unnecessary is omitted.