Three years already that the U.S. team of Atelier is attending the Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas. Life is tough! But we aren't here for fun - because we do not see the day light very often here - but to cover this a

nnual trade show (aka. CES for the insiders), the great mess of the electronics industry which has being held for over 30 years in the sin city.

This was Bill Gates who was until now addressing the opening session. This year, it will still be Microsoft, but it will be Steve Ballmer's turn to take Gates's place. At least he's a real speaker. As we say, this is a page that is being turned. We will follow this course for you and keep you updated. Despite a background of crisis, a rich program is waiting for us: the Presidents and CEOs of Ford, Sony, Intel and Cisco will set the tone for the year. It is being said that it will be very, very green-oriented and also low cost. We will tell you all about that. So stay tune.

Original post here. [credit photo: L'Atelier BNP Paribas]

By Dominique Piotet