Update on 01.12.10 4:01pm: Video demo of Parrot's ARDrone after the fold. The big news at this year’s CES last week in Las Vegas were tablets and 3D TV. Tablets have been one of the main topics of dialogue for the last few months, as Apple’s tablet has been gossiped about incessantly, really heating up around September and doing its best to outlive the Energizer Bunny. At CES that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer . . . talked about tablets. As if there hadn't been enough 'just talk' already. The consensus in the tech press is that Ballmer wasted an opportunity here, especially since the next big show is MacWorld 2010 in San Francisco next month. 3D TV is the technology that seems to only come out at CES. Last year this technology was the big story coming out the event -- along with the Palm Pre, which has generally disappointed since. But this year we are ready for adoption -- even if our wallets aren't -- especially after the mainstream success of Avatar and Up.

While for me 3D TVs are among the most exciting things on the horizon, the other trend in televisions was thin screens. LG showed off “the world’s slimmest TV,” which was only a quarter of an inch thin.

There were so many e-readers released in 2009 that the buzz has begun to die down some. Still, PlasticLogic’s QUE ProReader turned some heads. QUE was barely beat out as CES’s “Last Gadget Standing” by Boxee's Box, which brings internet content to TVs.

Probably the most controversial announcement at CES was Ford’s Dashboard Internet, which comes at a bad time, judging by the amount of anti-texting-and-driving PSAs that are out there. Not to mention the legislation.

Lastly, one of the most popular things at CES was this, the Parrot Drone, a helicopter controlled with an iPhone.

By Mark Alvarez