Coming soon to an airport near you, less time spent in security lines? That’s the hope for frequent fliers as Registered Traveler’s Clear security program ( is now cleared to be used in airports across the U.S. “Clear members are pre-screened and provided with a high-tech card which allows them to access designated airport security fast lanes nationwide. Clear members pass through airport security faster, with more predictability and less hassle,” says Clear’s


A security background check is performed at enrollment, and images of the individual’s iris and fingerprints, as well as a photo, are captured on the card.

The card lets owners circumvent long security lines, as they go instead through Registered Traveler’s own security checkpoints, where an iris or fingerprint scan is done to verify their identity. Travelers then go straight to the airport’s security checkpoint, taking off their shoes, and removing their laptops like everyone else. What Clear allows them to do is essentially “cut to the head of the line,” as Registered Traveler’s "members only" security line has far fewer people than the regular line and hence is faster.

The T.S.A. (U.S. Transportation Security Administration) has removed the cap on Clear’s initial 20-airport pilot and now opens the program to any interested airport. The T.S.A. ( has also dropped a $28 security fee for customers, bringing the cost of the Clear card to $100 a year.

"We have determined that Registered Traveler holds promise as a biometrically enhanced, private sector identity verification program," said T.S.A. Administrator Kip Hawley.

Registered Traveler, which began operating in airports in 2005, currently has 135,000 members. Clear is already available in 19 airports, including New York, San Francisco, Orlando, and Denver. Clear will soon be available in Atlanta and Los Angeles. A full list of Clear airports is available.

By Mark Alvarez