An innovation app wants to use bus shelters in Paris to connect charities and volunteers.

Connected bus shelters promote charities

The essence of the smart city concept is to streamline urban usages and city services in order to improve citizens' everyday life. With this in mind, Paris City Hall invested two years ago in innovative bus shelters, created by French outdoor advertising company JCDescaux. Those shelters are equipped with 32-inches touchscreens and integrated Wifi, in which travelers can use more than 20 free apps to look for a potential route or journey or search for information while waiting for their bus. Now, through a partnership with Welp, they might keep busy while doing good deeds. Indeed, the web platform acts as a liaison between charities or individuals and volunteers and, through this partership, it aims at catching travellers attention and encourage them to get involved.

With the help of digital communication startup PickAsso, they developed an app called « Trouver mon association » (Find a charity), that can be found in bus shelters' touchscreens. Through an interactive map, users can look up geolocalised charities nearby, and find a description of their activities, the members of their team, the values supported by the organization... The purpose of this app is, of course, to help charities find new potential recruits and promote their activities. By using urban furniture, this initiative will help strengthen social ties and could be esasily replicate all over the country.  

By Théo Roux