We used to think that Google, Bing or even Wolfram Alpha had the entire Internet inside them, and that is not true. There is a HUGE part of the net, between 500 and 600 times larger than the one indexed by this search engines, that we can only access if we know where it is.

This part of the Net is called the Deep Web and it has been the workplace of the big players of search for many years. Despite their efforts, none of them managed to find the way to raise this data from the depths. But where these big companies failed, two small start-ups could succeed.

Semantifi’s approach goes much further than the usual search engines: It provides users with its web-based tools to create Apps that will “teach” the system how each category in the database is related to each other. Then, using this semantic search engine, they offer this information in a comprehensive way such as an Excel spreadsheet, a graphic or a table.

But the real goal of Semantifi is to become a platform on top of which publishers could build apps and distribute them, for free or a small price, like an App Store for search Apps.

By Sergi Herrero
Directeur général de L'Atelier BNP Paribas US