Dell is currently marketing its new line of business laptops, the Latitude E Family, which comprises seven laptops for mainstream business users and three laptops that are targeted toward “power users,” also known as engineers and graphic designers. Most notably, the E4200 model weighs in at an effortless 1 kg—or 2.2 pounds. Dell is expected to release the Latitude E Family to the public in the coming weeks. With a display size of 12.2 inches, Dell designed the E4200 to compete with its Sony, Apple, and HP counterparts in the United States. The Sony Vaio TZ offers an 11.1 inch screen at 2.7 pounds and the Macbook Air offers a 13.3 inch screen at 3 pounds. HP offers a 2133 Mini-Note PC with an 8.9 inch display, weighing in at 2.63

There are some other eye-catching options available with the Dell Latitude E Family. Purchasers can upgrade to a 19-hour battery life. There is also a new security feature aimed at preventing identity and information theft. Should the laptop be lost or stolen, the owner can activate a remote kill switch, which erases the data on the hard drive. This feature is more practical for businesses with large mobile work forces.
Dell is also releasing an E6400 model that is durable, but not as durable as a currently released model, the Dell Latitude XFR. It appears the E6400 is targeted toward consumers and businesses that operate in a durable environment, but are willing to sacrifice some durability for a less rugged look than the XFR.
The Latitude E Family release is very important to the Round Rock, Texas-based company, which usually updates its core designs once every 5 years. Some critics consider the release strategically crucial to its dominance in the industry.