This week I decided that it was high time for me to show you some of the very cool videos about the diet coke and mentos stuff... What you need is a bottle of diet coke, some mentos and that's it! Here is a little video manual

of what you can do, enjoy . One of the very first You Tube video post with Diet Coke and Mentos as subject. This one is very cool, notice the 'matrix like' effects, I love it! Could a simple bottle of Diet Coke become a mass destruction weapon? Rocket scientists should look at that closely... Well, we know what happen when you pour Mentos in a Diet Coke bottle... Someone tried it directly in his mouth, hilarious and crazy! Even Letterman is doing Diet Coke and Mentos experiments in his show... I don't think that Coke and Mentos brand advisors had though of that way of reaching their consummers! Who's next!?! Now that will all know what you can do with Diet Coke and Mentos, let's try soemthing else... Diet Coke and Mentos experiments, the last video on the subject and definitively my favorite! Is this going to be Vegas' next big hotel attraction?